Tips for new travelers, things I wish I knew

Below I have put together a few basic tips to travel on your own .


The world is safe. Although it may seem on the news, you can travel to most countries without more problems than you would have in your own country.

You do not need large suitcases. With a backpack of about 65 L should be sufficient (no wheels) and if you go to a warm place no need to put on it too much. Travel light, your back will thank you and you can always buy what they want on your destination.

Get yourself a good camera if you like taking pictures. Now you travel you have the opportunity to learn to use the manual settings on your camera!

Do not make too many plans. Have an idea of ​​where you’re going and for how long but do not need to know that you will do each day. During the trip you will see that you fancy.

travel tips

Bring guidebooks but do not follow them to the letter. The guides are good for their maps and advice but most recommend places (hotels, restaurants, towns, etc.) end up being different than they were before being recommended.

Shopping and money

Idea how to haggle is almost essential in many countries. It can be quite fun. Technology or hiking clothes (or brands in general) worth more or less the same anywhere. Buy fake is throwing money because you will not deliver what you expect of them or only going to do for a few days.

If you feel you are cheating sure they are doing, Trust your instincts!
If you do a relatively short trip, it takes cash. You can change your destiny (note that many times in airports change is more expensive) and save yourself the fees banks to withdraw money. In almost all exchange bureaus accept Euros, except in some border who want that pay in dollars. So it is good to take some dollars if you want to go from one country to another by land.

If you make a long trip, negotiates with your Bank or the commission to withdraw money abroad. Usually it is 4% but insisting and negotiating it a bit you should be able to get 1-2%. And control your account via the Internet. Continue reading Tips for new travelers, things I wish I knew

The first-time traveler guide

If you are traveling for the first time in your life. This is for you.

There are three things you as a traveler will make life easier and is highly recommended to have them.

-Credit Card (two different if they do not accept any kind).

– the English language. English is the language of the traveler and no matter where you go it is usually the second most common language after local.

– Smart phone .Phones today can serve thousands of things, you can load maps, directions, your reservations, to keep track of your spending. Use WiFi whenever you can get even and profit.

By this I do not mean that without these three things is impossible to travel, they are not required, but it certainly makes it easier.

Once you’ve chosen flight. Print your booking or save it to your phone.

traveling tipsFor any booking on line a credit card is required. If you do not have a card you can always go to a travel agency or airline offices but keep in mind that it is probable you have to pay a little more for the service and issue the ticket.

Suppose you already read my post on how to choose a good hosting and you’ve decided. Be sure to check the dates, cancellations and small details of your booking to avoid surprises.Print it out and keep it with your plane reservation. Continue reading The first-time traveler guide

13 tips for traveling intelligently

Traveling is very common task for our life. We should know travel related ideas and guideline while we travel one place to another place. Here are my 13 traveling tips those are really helpful for all travelers.

1. Travel in low season.

When work permits, it is best to travel outside the holiday season. Prices are more accessible and much less crowded. Eye! Not all destinations have the same seasons. Spring and fall are excellent times in most of the destinations.

2. The hotel to suit you.

Do not always look cheap. One must know how to spend the money and take advantage. The hotel is perhaps the most important decision is a journey. If you visit a city make sure you have a good location and preferably have breakfast and WiFi included. If you visit a beach destination or break worth investing in a hotel that has good quality facilities, beach and good services.


3. Go Local.

Lean local products is an extremely intelligent decision also ecological. Transport products from other countries or localities always contaminated and the price paid at the end visitors.

Discover local wines and dishes of the region it is part of the travel experience. Forget the chains and visiting the local coffee shop and classic restaurants of each site.

4. Travel light.

Carrying a backpack or suitcase Industrial size it is never recommended. In addition to the heavy which can result there are many factors to consider.

If traveling in a group will have to accommodate those bags in the car and often end up paying another taxi to take only bags. If you go on the road it is impractical carry large luggage. Continue reading 13 tips for traveling intelligently

5 tips for traveling with children

We know that traveling with children is not necessarily as simple, and much less if the journey is long. That is why we must prepare and do everything possible to prevent young are fed up.

Then I enlisted 5 tips for traveling with kids:

1. Often it is best to travel at night because children can rest just like you. This requires that during the day the children have undertaken many activities to get tired on the fly. You avoid sibling fights, tears, etc.

2. Is the first book economy class seats on the plane. These seats have more room to stretch out, are closer to the bathrooms and you can wake up with your baby to walk more easily, without disturbing anyone. It is an excellent option to have an eye on your children and where hostesses can often lend a hand.

traveling with children

3. Bring coloring books, iPads, tablets, smartphones and any device that can entertain your child. While there are flights in which there are movies or music, often it can not be desired by children. So take those things you know you love your son. You’ll also can bring a book or magazine to relax a little. Continue reading 5 tips for traveling with children

How to take mandatory vacations

Although it is a pleasure to receive something in the mail than one account, the contents of this envelope will cost more than electricity this month. You take a look at your calendar and in your mind you are already adding the cost of hotel , airfare and rental car and you realize that you will be there not cheap. The worst is that the celebrations which should assist gradually undermine your travel budget that do want to do.

But remember that your presence is important, and to be there strengthens the bonds of family and friendship . I have complained and complained until just the beginning of an act only to then feel incredibly happy to have made ​​the trip . And I am left with memories of love and happiness that, frankly, have helped me through some tough times.

vacation tips

So, I suggest you make the most of mandatory vacation! Here are some tips to make them a real vacation.

Make time for yourself

Looking ahead, regardless of where to travel and think you will attend the ceremony. Even the smallest village has one or two interesting shops, a flea market on Saturday mornings or observe nature trail nearby.

Save on airfare

Normally, major events are scheduled for the weekends, when the maximum cost airfare (leaving on Friday, back on Sunday). If you add a few extra days before or after you-say you’ll come back on Wednesday and Tuesday-long holiday and have booked a cheaper fare. Continue reading How to take mandatory vacations

How to prepare for an emergency trip

It happens to most at some point, there is an emergency and your son, your parents or your friend need you immediately. Here are some tips so you can move quickly and efficiently.

Pack in advance

Prepare a small suitcase for the trip and keep it handy. What to include? soaps and shampoos miniature and other items you have collected in your last hotel stay, plus the amount of cash you might need to get to the airport or train station. If you are driving , do not forget the money for tolls, plus precise map or GPS device. Prepare the first aid kit for the car and put it in the trunk in case of problems on the road.

Keep a list in your suitcase prepackaged for you to remember what you pick up when you walk out the door, like wallet, drugs, electronic devices and chargers. Use the list to remember where to find important documents (passport and power of attorney). Put a couple of extra glasses or contact lenses, and a book or crossword puzzles.

emergency travel

If you want to take advantage of frequent flyer miles, hotel honors programs or offers rental cars , keep all that data together in a notebook. Or explore the applications of electronic wallet as of Fill It and Apple Passbook, which allow you to have exactly that kind of information available. Do not forget important phone numbers, especially when you know that might be hard to remember when you are under stress. Continue reading How to prepare for an emergency trip

How to avoid being robbed personal information when you travel

Anyone using -email internet, online banking , shopping or Twitter-exposed to the hack and the same applies to travelers. So we present some useful practices to mislead the criminals that could ruin your holiday to steal your personal information.

1. Leave your laptop at home

Do you really need your laptop in Athens? If the answer is yes, close the machine when you finish to use, but also disconnect from all accounts and turn it off. This ensures that no one (not a hotel employee) may enter your e-mail and bank accounts. It also calls upon access to a hotel safe for your electronic effects.

2. Create strong passwords

Your passwords are the key to keeping your private information safe. With only one password for your email account, a hacker competent can change passwords for your social networking accounts, and your bank account online.

Therefore, make -proof passwords hackers and remember without writing them down. Do you love a good apple pie? Instead of using “pasteldemanzana” as the password used “hupdmtld! 7dals” (Make me an apple pie every day! 7 days a week). Now you get the picture. It is better to create passwords longer than eight characters with uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers. Create a different password for each account. And never choose the option that allows the computer to remember your password. If you pirate, change your passwords immediately.

3. Be careful where you click

If you receive an email from a friend but the issue it strange, do not open it. your friend may have pirated you, and if you open the email it is likely that such electronic theft bounce you. The same applies to hyperlinks within emails from a friend or a stranger cyber. If something looks suspicious, do not click. If the email is from a friend, contact him directly. Continue reading How to avoid being robbed personal information when you travel

Pack wisely and happy travels!

Thousands of people take advantage of the days of holiday to visit family and friends in other cities. Like a big reunion almost always goes hand in hand with traditional meals and gifts, we begin to pack forgetting all the problems that could represent some gifts. How, what and where to pack certain things? Here are some tips.

1. Liquid in the suitcase: Want to bring a bottle of good wine to celebrate? Then you have to take the luggage you check in … And if you carry only hand luggage , wait for better reach your destination and shopping there.

2. Cakes and feet: Of course you should take your baggage and TSA permits. Eye !, but these are subject to additional monitoring. Ah! And consider well if you feel comfortable carrying and caring for a cake for several hours.

3. Wheelchairs, canes and special medical equipment: Of course it is possible to take them! You can even download a TSA card and follow the advice of your TSA Cares Hotline to expedite your passage through security checkpoints at airports.


4. Gifts: Yes, but without wrapping! Remember that if you pack a gift before travel, not only run the risk of spoiling the paper, also the gift is subject to an inspection of the TSA, and will have to open it! To not work twice, you can take gift bags, fold the bag and pack the gifts to arrive.

5. Food packaging: bottles of olives, jams, syrups and other such “delicacies” can travel with you, but in checked luggage! Here is a list of foods and other items that you should check if they exceed 3.4 oz.

6. Meat: According to the TSA if you travel within the United States, can carry meat and other processed foods, as long as the carry in your checked luggage (not hand). For this it is important that the well-sealed packaging containers either. So they do not break down, the best thing to do is to use containers and put them in a cooler, well protected enough dry bags with thread and paper towels in the bottom to absorb the liquid. Continue reading Pack wisely and happy travels!