Traveling is very common task for our life. We should know travel related ideas and guideline while we travel one place to another place. Here are my 13 traveling tips those are really helpful for all travelers.

1. Travel in low season.

When work permits, it is best to travel outside the holiday season. Prices are more accessible and much less crowded. Eye! Not all destinations have the same seasons. Spring and fall are excellent times in most of the destinations.

2. The hotel to suit you.

Do not always look cheap. One must know how to spend the money and take advantage. The hotel is perhaps the most important decision is a journey. If you visit a city make sure you have a good location and preferably have breakfast and WiFi included. If you visit a beach destination or break worth investing in a hotel that has good quality facilities, beach and good services.


3. Go Local.

Lean local products is an extremely intelligent decision also ecological. Transport products from other countries or localities always contaminated and the price paid at the end visitors.

Discover local wines and dishes of the region it is part of the travel experience. Forget the chains and visiting the local coffee shop and classic restaurants of each site.

4. Travel light.

Carrying a backpack or suitcase Industrial size it is never recommended. In addition to the heavy which can result there are many factors to consider.

If traveling in a group will have to accommodate those bags in the car and often end up paying another taxi to take only bags. If you go on the road it is impractical carry large luggage.

5. Use WiFi.

Many people ask me about the data packets of the telephone companies. I’ve used and often useful if you need to be connected to the internet all the time, but I find them very expensive. For me the best option is the WiFi. In many countries free WiFi is very common in hotels, restaurants and even parks. The app WiFi finder can help you find open networks to which to connect and share your trips on social networks.

6. Do your homework.

Planning is the best way to save money and time on a trip. The more you know your destination before walking over enjoy the experience. Search many hotel options, you decide before reaching the places they want to visit and always have a plan B in case things do not happen as planned.

7. Indulge.

At least one night during your trip, give yourself a treat and visit a good restaurant. Dress up, book and enjoy. Look for places that offer a unique dining experience and let go. The flavors are also a journey.

8. Souvenirs.

I have already told you before my mind about the souvenirs . My advice is to get away from the typical souvenir “Made in China” and look for something more original and special. Offering a local designer clothes you will not find anywhere else. Handicrafts made in front of your eyes. The possibilities are many but usually are not at first sight.

9. Less countries most cities.

Although I know that not everyone has the opportunity to travel regularly. I strongly recommend not to visit more than two countries in one trip. Make those tours where 6 countries are visited two weeks I seem outrageous where you do not know anything and just go see it.

My recommendation is to focus preferably in one country to the extent possible. Soak up culture, visit several cities and find little known corners. See it all in stride and enjoy.

10. Do not look so famous, look for what you like.

It is hard to resist the photo in the most famous places of the cities. Visit famous museums or places where the books speak. But actually travel is a personal experience and has to do with taste.

If you love the look unique focus on recommended restaurants and food. If you love art Spend more time on you like a museum or join a temporary workshop. Do not be afraid to get out of the traditional way of tourists and looking for something that is special to you.

11. Use coupons and discounts.

Many attractions, restaurants and even hotels have promotions and discounts. Use them if you find them useful. Most museums offer free admission one day a month and all have special discounts for students, elderly people, etc. Visit the websites of the places you want to visit and learn.

Many attractions and hotels also have better rates online so you should consider buying some tickets in advance and / or book your room online.

12. Take advantage of loyalty programs.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you earn miles or points in hotels not hesitate to use them. They expire and is generally good use of them. Get the most out of loyalty programs informing about all the options with which accounts and have it as an option when looking for a hotel or flight.

13. Be responsible.

The most important thing I think is to be responsible when traveling. The biggest difference between a traveler and a tourist is that the former is usually generous and selfish second. Let me explain. The tourist is generally not very aware of the impact of their presence in places and try to do everything at home. Total are few days or hours they spend in the city and does not know if he will return sometime in their life, so what if it does not act up to it. The traveler is instead looking more respect and that their presence is helpful.

I know many people who have stolen a “pebble” the Roman Coliseum or have seen a woman hugging a statue of two thousand years old to take a photo. As travelers we should strive because our presence has the least negative impact possible. Respect local customs and not take pictures of people without their permission and above all to preserve our heritage so that future generations can enjoy them as we have done.

– Thanks a lot for reading my traveling article. Hope read and enjoy!

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Traveling is very common task for our life. We should know travel related ideas and guideline while we travel one place to another place. Here are my 13 traveling tips those are really helpful for all travelers. 1. Travel in low season. When work permits, it is best to travel outside...