The best luxury hotels 2015

Review Pro, the leader in enterprise applications Guest intelligence for the hotel industry, has released its report on the best luxury hotels 2015, whose preparation has analyzed the online reputation of 2,330 establishments, 117 luxury brands and nearly two million views customers have poured into the Internet during 2014.

These brands and most luxurious hotels in the world are calculated from the Global Review Index ™ (GRI ™), its own reputation index that is created through the comments in the network 161 online travel agencies and pages 45 languages. Study the satisfaction of the guests about the cleanliness, service and location.

luxury hotels 2015

The main results that have produced this study are as follows. The hotel has been the leader on the topic of customer satisfaction in the category of Individual Luxury Hotels has been Olare Kempinski Mara, Masai Mara, located in Kenya.

This has the highest GRI ™ and has achieved amazing levels of excellence in all categories; it is the second best location worth, 15 and 19 in cleaning services. In the category of small marks the first position is occupied Library Hotel Collection and Beldmon is the first big brands. The number of comments on the Internet about luxury hotels has increased by 36% over last year.

The places

China is the country with the greatest number of luxury among the 100 that make this classification (14%). United States and United Kingdom, with 9% and 8% respectively, complete the podium. As for the cities, Dubai is placed above London as the city has paying attention more comments.

Reviews online

Guests at these hotels have left an run of the mill of 836 opinions each year by smoking, being the main source TripAdvisor comments (28%). Booking this year is the second source, beating Facebook.

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