Playa Santa Lucia in Cuba

While we are in Spain in winter, in other corners of the globe they are enjoying a pleasant sea temperatures. This is the case of Cuba, which currently is in full dry season. The good news is that any time of year is good to enjoy its wonderful beaches.

Today we moved to this country to find the beach at Playa Santa Lucia, a seaside resort located in the Sabana-Camaguey archipelago, which is the largest of those around the island. Would you like to discover more about this fantastic place? So do not miss anything of what we tell you then!

playa santa lucia

A beach of incomparable beauty

Saint Lucia has become one of the leading spas Cuba, which is not surprising when you consider that this is an area of beauty unparalleled, with golden sands stretching along 20 kilometers, calm waters and crystal, and a backdrop consisting of coconut trees.

A great place to dive and snorkel

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions of this beach is that it is a great place to dive and make place snorkel, and not only for the clarity and warmth of its waters, but because their funds sailors are protected by the second largest barrier reef largest in the world. Also, you may find sunken ships of the nineteenth century.

A beach for water sports

On the other hand, it is important to note that at this beach you can do several water sports. In addition, close to the spa you can find different keys that are worth visiting. Here we leave our gallery where you will find more images of this beautiful corner of Cuba. Do not miss it!

By Mark on December 30, 2015 · Posted in North America

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