Below I have put together a few basic tips to travel on your own .


The world is safe. Although it may seem on the news, you can travel to most countries without more problems than you would have in your own country.

You do not need large suitcases. With a backpack of about 65 L should be sufficient (no wheels) and if you go to a warm place no need to put on it too much. Travel light, your back will thank you and you can always buy what they want on your destination.

Get yourself a good camera if you like taking pictures. Now you travel you have the opportunity to learn to use the manual settings on your camera!

Do not make too many plans. Have an idea of ​​where you’re going and for how long but do not need to know that you will do each day. During the trip you will see that you fancy.

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Bring guidebooks but do not follow them to the letter. The guides are good for their maps and advice but most recommend places (hotels, restaurants, towns, etc.) end up being different than they were before being recommended.

Shopping and money

Idea how to haggle is almost essential in many countries. It can be quite fun. Technology or hiking clothes (or brands in general) worth more or less the same anywhere. Buy fake is throwing money because you will not deliver what you expect of them or only going to do for a few days.

If you feel you are cheating sure they are doing, Trust your instincts!
If you do a relatively short trip, it takes cash. You can change your destiny (note that many times in airports change is more expensive) and save yourself the fees banks to withdraw money. In almost all exchange bureaus accept Euros, except in some border who want that pay in dollars. So it is good to take some dollars if you want to go from one country to another by land.

If you make a long trip, negotiates with your Bank or the commission to withdraw money abroad. Usually it is 4% but insisting and negotiating it a bit you should be able to get 1-2%. And control your account via the Internet.


The best way to save traveling is logically using public transport. Avoid taxi drivers or other vehicles (rickshaws, tuk-tuks, etc.) they ask loudly that go with them … In many countries, after leaving the airport or bus transport harass you offering accommodation, take it easy. It is best to stay away and look what the options are, because in many cases are offering much more expensive than normal services.
Hitchhiking is very easy and recommended in many countries (eg New Zealand).

Never take for granted that your taxi driver knows where it is going. Make sure you know your destination. If the taxi meter leads not climb unless you want to activate. Logically you will be trying to overcharge account. If you do have to negotiate the price before entering the taxi and do not try to lower it more once agreed, or allow it delivered.

If you have an accident with a rented bike and had no insurance (as in most Asian countries), it takes the bike to a mechanic on your own and try to own or to discover. This will avoid attempting to inflate the price of repair. Accidents are a business for some!

All airline tickets are changeable, no matter what you put on them. However, in some cases you’ll have to pay extra. The borders of the countries have standards but many times are flexible and depend on the guard or officer you have ahead.


Some earplugs if you’re planning to sleep in bedrooms will be very useful;). The bedrooms are perfect if you travel alone and you want to meet people. In the most touristy streets it is where the most expensive accommodation, take a stroll through the less frequented and find the best sites.


In almost every country there are good hospitals. So there are enough tourists to get treatment in Thailand or Costa Rica. Thailand is famous for its dentists. Having travel insurance is highly recommended, advice that should apply myself;)
Most medicines are cheaper in Asia than in Europe. If you need a doctor or a hospital and do not have insurance, find out about what the public. For example, in Thailand so in a private hospital they will charge € 100, they charge € 5 in one of the public.


Most Asian cities are safer than Barcelona. At least there are fewer pickpockets although traffic is more dangerous. In border areas, to travel from one country to another by land, there are many hustlers, do not rely too much on anyone. If your guest will not inspire much confidence, do not let into the room the money nor technology when you leave. Asked if they have safes or simply takes the money and credit cards with you. Also keep watch with your money and electronic equipment if you are going to spend the night traveling by train or bus. Take him always above or saved somewhere where nobody can access without awaken.

Do not worry if someone threatens to call the police for any dispute (hostels, taxi drivers, etc.) In most cases they do to scare and have no intention to do so and still would move them wrong. However, the police are not always on your side. In some countries they are serving who can make more money. Especially in less developed countries such as Laos. Do not be afraid, but keep that in mind. If you feel that someone is harassing you, either on the street offering a service or a travel agent trying to sell you a pack somewhere, showing conviction, be firm but polite and tell them you’re not interested. Let them know you do not need your help or services and go your way. If they insist too used to be bad sign in these cases.


It’s amazing how much two people can communicate even if they are not fluent in the same language. However, it is clear that trying to learn a few words of the language of the country helps to be better received. Try to eliminate all prejudices you have a country from scratch, made ​​your own vision of it once you’re there. Do not judge of first political systems, traditions, customs, ideas, etc. Give yourself time to form your own opinion. Do not make photos directly to people if you are not sure do not mind. The distance between partners, personal space is different in many countries.

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Below I have put together a few basic tips to travel on your own . General The world is safe. Although it may seem on the news, you can travel to most countries without more problems than you would have in your own country. You do not need large suitcases. With a...